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New Issue | Law, Technology and Humans


Volume 5(2) includes articles from the symposium Regulatory Futures and Medical Devices: Where Next for Europe and the United Kingdom?

The symposium in this issue of Law, Technology and Humans (curated by Muireann Quigley, Laura Downey and Joseph Roberts from the University of Birmingham) brings together a range of scholars looking at the broad question of where next for medical devices regulation in the European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom (UK). Initially arising out of a workshop held in September 2022, the motivation for the symposium is rooted in the challenges raised by what has been a significant period of change in both the EU and the UK when it comes to medical devices regulation.

Introduction: Regulatory Futures and Medical Devices 

General articles include the issue of contract-tracing and the problem of trust: Rachelle Bosua, Damian Clifford and Megan Richardson outline to what extent can difficulties be ascribed to a lack of public trust undermining the technologies’ effectiveness and disputing their legitimacy? Justine Rogers and Anthony Song explore digital marketing in the legal profession, while Armin Alimardani and co-authors discuss big data, behavioural genetics and the risk of future offending. 

Two books are also reviewed:

Ariane Ollier-Malaterre (2023) Living with Digital Surveillance in China: Citizens’ Narratives on Technology, Privacy, and Governance.

Yeslam Al-Saggaf (2022) The Psychology of Phubbing

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Current Issue

Vol. 5 No. 2 (2023): Law, Technology and Humans

Published: 2023-11-21
Introduction: Regulatory Futures and Medical Devices
  • Muireann Quigley, Laura Downey, Joseph Roberts
Symposium: Regulatory Futures and Medical Devices
  • Sonia Macleod
  • Muireann Quigley, Laura Downey, Zaina Mahmoud, Jean McHale
  • Elisabetta Biasin, Burcu Yaşar, Erik Kamenjašević
  • Kaspar Rosager Ludvigsen
  • Catriona McMillan
  • Phoebe Li, Robin Williams, Stephen Gilbert, Stuart Anderson
  • Antonia Cronin, Rebecca Thom, VANGUARD Consortium
  • Justine Rogers, Anthony Song
  • Oliver Hackney, Anna Huggins
  • Ogochukwu Monye
  • Rachelle Bosua, Damian Clifford, Megan Richardson
  • Matthew Ogden
  • Armin Alimardani, Allan McCay, Christopher Lean
  • 238-251
    Sara Migliorini
Book Reviews
  • Alexander Trauth-Goik
  • Katherine Herbert

Law, Technology and Humans provides an inclusive and unique forum for exploration of the broader connections, history and emergent future of law and technology through supporting research that takes seriously the human, and humanity of law and technology.

Papers to be considered at any time, please look out for the call for papers for symposiums and workshops.  Submissions should consider the following, in particular research and scholarship that:

  • Challenges and critically examines the promises and perils of emergent technologies
  • Engages with the futures (and pasts) of law, technology and humans
  • Involves critical, philosophical or theoretically informed work on law and technology
  • Uses humanities, social science or other approaches to study law and technology
  • Examines law and technology from non-Western locations and perspectives
  • Locates law and technology in wider concerns with the Anthropocene, climate change or relations with non-humans

Interested contributors are invited to discuss their research and scholarship with the Chief Editor, Professor Kieran Tranter:

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