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New Issue | Law, Technology and Humans


A new issue of Law, Technology and Humans has been published.

Volume 5(1) includes articles from the symposium Condition Critical. This symposium explores the heuristic and political potential of system breakdowns from empirical, theoretical and policy perspectives.

All queries related to the Journal can be sent to Chief Editor Professor Kieran Tranter

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Current Issue

Vol. 5 No. 1 (2023): Law, Technology and Humans

Published: 2023-05-30
  • Leavides Domingo-Cabarrubias, Delanie Woodlock, Christopher Alexander, Mai Sato, Genevieve Grant, Jacqueline Weinberg
  • Sarah Keenan
  • Jerome De Cooman
  • Emily Wati Muir
  • Vai Io Lo
  • Michelle de Souza
Introduction to Condition Critical
  • Patrícia Branco, Francesco Contini, Richard Mohr
Symposium: Condition Critical
  • Elena Alina Onţanu
  • Gar Yein Ng
  • Valérie Hayaert
  • Giampiero Lupo
  • Francesco Contini
  • Paula Casaleiro, Patrícia Branco, Luciana Sotero
  • Jocelynne Scutt
  • Richard Mohr
Book Reviews
  • Pedro Zucchetti Filho

Law, Technology and Humans provides an inclusive and unique forum for exploration of the broader connections, history and emergent future of law and technology through supporting research that takes seriously the human, and humanity of law and technology.

Papers to be considered at any time, please look out for the call for papers for symposiums and workshops.  Submissions should consider the following, in particular research and scholarship that:

  • Challenges and critically examines the promises and perils of emergent technologies
  • Engages with the futures (and pasts) of law, technology and humans
  • Involves critical, philosophical or theoretically informed work on law and technology
  • Uses humanities, social science or other approaches to study law and technology
  • Examines law and technology from non-Western locations and perspectives
  • Locates law and technology in wider concerns with the Anthropocene, climate change or relations with non-humans

Interested contributors are invited to discuss their research and scholarship with the Chief Editor, Professor Kieran Tranter:

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ISSN 2652-4074