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The Journal is now part of the Humans Technology Law Centre at QUT

The Humans Technology Law Centre responds to this challenge to inspire and build better technological futures. The Centre’s community comprises leading and emerging researchers in technology law, computational law, platform governance, public law, commercial and corporate law, regulatory analysis, science technology and society studies, environmental law and studies and socio-legal studies. 

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Save the Date! Deus Ex Machina - Law-Technology-Humanities

11-15 December 2023

Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Brisbane, Australia

2023 meeting of the Law, Literature and Humanities Association of Australasia, hosted by the Human Technology Law Centre, QUT School Of Law. A multidisciplinary coming together to build, dream and work towards better law and technology futures through the creativity, wisdom and critiques of the humanities.

Submissions will close 18 September

Inquiries/register interest:  

Details: Human Technology Law Centre to host 2023 meeting of the Law, Literature And Humanities Association Of Australasia – Law Research (


What happened when a robot was tasked with writing a law article:

Will Machines Replace Us? Machine-Authored Texts and the Future of Scholarship


From Chief Editor Professor Kieran Tranter Why this image for Law, Technology and Humans?


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