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Call for Papers 2022: Symposium Jurisprudence of the Future 2022 

Law is about the future. In a recent blog, general editor Kieran Tranter explains why lawyers should be thinking about science fiction. Drawing inspiration from Robert Cover's account of how law connects and is part of a broader normative universe, Kieran touches on why science fiction is fundamental for the imagining of the law and justice within technological futures. As part of this  call for papers on jurisprudence of the future, he argues for the important work of dreaming and building better legal futures through science fiction: 

Nomoi are Mercurial: Why Cultural Legal Studies of Science Fiction Matter | The Digital Constitutionalist (


What happened when a robot was tasked with writing a law article:

Will Machines Replace Us? Machine-Authored Texts and the Future of Scholarship


New International Editorial Board members:


From Chief Editor Professor Kieran Tranter Why this image for Law, Technology and Humans?


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