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Online First

  • Benjamin Alarie, Arthur Cockfield , GPT-3 .
  • Jason M Chin, Alexander C DeHaven, Tobias Heycke, Alexander O Holcombe, David T Mellor, Justin T Pickett, Crystal N Steltenpohl, Simine Vazire, Kathryn Zeiler
  • Zoe Nay, Anna Huggins, Felicity Deane
  • Eve Massingham

Current Issue

Vol. 3 No. 1 (2021): Law, Technology and Humans

Published: 2021-05-04
Introduction: Privacy and Pandemics
  • Mark Taylor, Megan Richardson , Stacey Steele
Roundtable: Privacy and Pandemics
  • Ellie Rennie, Stacey Steele
  • Lisa Archbold, Dr Valerie Verdoodt, Dr Faith Gordon, Dr Damian Clifford
  • Mark Burdon, Brydon Wang
  • Alice Granada Ribeiro
  • Christophe Dubois
  • Alex Deagon
  • Matt Bartlett
  • Mathilde Cohen
  • Itziar Alkorta
  • John Clammer, Matthew John Byrne
Book Reviews
  • Katherine Schofield
  • Cameron Downey
Correction Notice
  • Tracy Creagh
Open Access Journal
ISSN 2652-4074