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Jurisprudence of the Future


The future is in flux. There are many vectors of change, and none seem positive. Dark dystopian futures of war, climate catastrophe, polarising inequalities and digital disruption seem to be looming. This narrating of the future suggests the significance of science fiction. Science fiction acts as a storehouse for the imagining of the future. It also offers new approaches to justice and law. This symposium on ‘Jurisprudence of the Future’ contains contributions that bring together science fiction, justice and law. There is a sense of urgency to the contributions, to understand the science fictionality of the present and imagining alternative futures.

Published: 2022-11-14
Pages:1 to 4
Section: Introduction: Jurisprudence of the Future
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Green, Alex, Mitchell Travis, and Kieran Tranter. 2022. “Jurisprudence of the Future”. Law, Technology and Humans 4 (2):1-4.
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Author Biographies

University of York
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Alex Green is a Lecturer at the York Law School, University of York, in the United Kingdom. He writes on public international law, legal and moral philosophy, and political theory. His forthcoming monograph, Statehood as Political Community: International Law and the Emergence of New States (Cambridge University Press, 2023) provides an interdisciplinary account of statehood within the international legal order. Other pieces of his research have appeared in the Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, the Australian Year Book of International Law, and the German Law Journal. His work has been funded by the Modern Law Review and the Hong Kong Research Grants Council. Alex has held visiting positions at the University of Cambridge and the University of Leeds, and is an Academic Associate of 23 Essex Street Chambers (London and Manchester, United Kingdom).

University of Leeds
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Mitchell Travis is the Director of the Centre for Law and Social Justice at the University of Leeds. He is the co-author of Intersex Embodiment: Legal Frameworks Beyond Identity and Disorder (2022, Bristol University Press), The co-editor of A Jurisprudence of the Body (2020, Palgrave) and has co-edited special issues of Law, Technology and Humans (2022) and Culture, Health and Sexuality (2021). Mitchell has also published widely in such journals as Legal Studies, Law and Society and Social and Legal Studies.

Queensland University of Technology
Australia Australia

Kieran researches law, technology and the future. Drawing upon legal studies, the humanities and the social sciences, he charts how humans legislate, live with, and are changed by technology. In researching law, technology and the future his research often engages with cultural narratives that connect humans, law and technology and past configurations of humans, law and technology. The goal of his research is to guide and shape humanity’s technological future to be better than its technological past.

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