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And then 'Friends'


This brief editorial focuses on the contribution in this volume titled ‘Machines Will Never Replace Humans!’ compiled by GPT-3. The brief text is provocative. It is provocative in demonstrating the potential efficiencies and complexities of machine-produced natural language text for ‘writing’ professions like law and the academy. It is further provocative as it reflects back the image and representation of the human within the digital. There is a denotive suggestion that humans are valuable and significant as lawyers because they possess intuition. There is a further suggestion that humans, or more precisely the imprint of humans in the digital, are televisual consumers of dated sitcoms, revealing the disconnect between existent digital archives and the totality of humanity.

Published: 2021-11-08
Pages:1 to 4
Section: Editorial
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Tranter, Kieran. 2021. “And Then ’Friends’”. Law, Technology and Humans 3 (2):1-4.
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Queensland University of Technology
Australia Australia

Professor Kieran Tranter is the Chair of Law, Technology and Future in the School of Law. Kieran joined the School of Law, Queensland University of Technology, Australia in 2019 and is the founding General Editor of Law, Technology and Humans.

Kieran researches law, technology and the future. Drawing upon legal studies, the humanities and the social sciences, he charts how humans legislate, live with, and are changed by technology. In researching law, technology and the future his research often engages with cultural narratives that connect humans, law and technology and past configurations of humans, law and technology. The goal of his research is to guide and shape humanity’s technological future to be better than its technological past.

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