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Law, Technology and Humans Queensland University of Technology 2652-4074 Law, Technology and Humans provides an inclusive and unique forum for exploration of the broader connections, history and emergent future of law and technology through supporting research that takes seriously the human, and humanity of law and technology. ISSN:  2652-4074 (Online)
Law, Technology and Humans 2 1

Biomedia: Life in Smithereens


This article suggests that media theory could lend some vocabularies with which to map the technical infrastructures of life. Focusing on the digital production of life, we read Marshall McLuhan’s concept of media alongside ‘Smithereens’, the second episode of the fifth instalment of the Netflix digital television series Black Mirror.

Pages:124 to 134
Section: Articles
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Goh, B. (2020). Biomedia: Life in Smithereens. Law, Technology and Humans, 2(1), 124-134.


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Author Biography

London School of Economics and Political Science
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Benjamin Goh is a PhD student at the LSE Law Department. His research interests are in critical jurisprudence, media and techniques theory, and law and literature.

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