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Welcome to the Multiverse: Law, Technology and Humans


Law, Technology and Humans aims for something different from the mainstream of technology law scholarship. Rather than repeating analysis born from the dominant narrative, it boldly presents itself as a portal to the multiverse of stories and methods through which to understand, dream, critique, build and live well in the technological present as it, with every planetary rotation, moves towards the technological future.

Published: 2019-11-13
Pages:1 to 5
Section: Editorial - Welcome to the Multiverse: Law, Technology and Humans
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Tranter, Kieran. 2019. “Welcome to the Multiverse: Law, Technology and Humans”. Law, Technology and Humans 1 (November):1-5.

Author Biography

Queensland University of Technology
Australia Australia

Kieran is the Chair of Law, Technology and Future in the School of Law. Kieran joined the School of Law, Queensland University of Technology in 2019 and is the founding General Editor of Law, Technology and Humans.


Open Access Journal
ISSN 2652-4074