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Online First

Online First, the immediate online publication of all accepted papers as soon as the authors have returned the corrected proofs.

As each paper is ready for publication, it will be published Online First. Contributions published Online First are citable by journal title and DOI. The production phase includes journal layout and quality assurance activities. When the next scheduled issue is complete, the Online First manuscript becomes part of that issue and will no longer appear on the Online First page.

Please cite appropriately when referencing.


Will Machines Replace Us? Machine-Authored Texts and the Future of Scholarship by Benjamin Alarie, Arthur Cockfield, GPT-3 

Improving the Credibility of Empirical Legal Research: Practical Suggestions for Researchers, Journals and Law Schools Jason M Chin, Alexander C DeHaven, Tobias Heycke, Alexander O Holcombe, David T Mellor, Justin T Pickett, Crystal N Steltenpohl, Simine Vazire, Kathryn Zeiler

Legal Project Management: Projectifying the Legal Profession Justine Rogers, Peter Dombkins, Felicity Bell


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ISSN 2652-4074