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Law, Technology and Humans Queensland University of Technology 2652-4074 Law, Technology and Humans provides an inclusive and unique forum for exploration of the broader connections, history and emergent future of law and technology through supporting research that takes seriously the human, and humanity of law and technology. ISSN:  2652-4074 (Online)

Faith Gordon

Dr Faith Gordon, Book Review Editor Law, Technology and Humans

Dr Faith Gordon is a Lecturer in Criminology at Monash University, Australia; Director of the Interdisciplinary International Youth Justice Network; a Research Associate at the Information Law & Policy Centre, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, London and a Senior Visiting Research Fellow at the Centre for the Study of Democracy, University of Westminster.  Faith previously worked as a Lecturer in Criminology (2016-2018) at the University of Westminster and as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow (2013-2016) in Law, at Queen’s University Belfast.

Faith’s first sole-authored monograph entitled: Children, Young People and the Press in a Transitioning Society: Representations, Reactions and Criminalisation, was published in March 2018 as part of Palgrave Macmillan’s Socio-Legal Series. This monograph built on Faith’s funded research on the media representations of children and young people in Northern Ireland and other post-conflict societies.  This research has been referred to by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child and has been cited in the High Court in Northern Ireland and the UK Court of Appeal. Faith’s latest research and recent publications focus on: children’s rights in the digital age; journalists’ use of children’s social media content; ‘naming and shaming’ of children in conflict with the law on social media; the issue of pre-charge identification and media regulatory frameworks in the digital age.


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