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Call for Chapter Proposals


Jurisprudence of the Future: Science Fiction and the Legal Imaginary


Editors: Alex Green, Mitchell Travis and Kieran Tranter

War, pandemics, populist politics, and climate inequalities have rendered our future uncertain. Faced with such challenges, law often struggles to promote justice, hampered as it is with conceptual frameworks inherited from the past. In a changing world, law must turn its attention forward, towards the imagined possibilities of tomorrow. Fortunately, whilst law itself has always been a backwards-looking discipline, jurisprudence has always been a science fictive project. Theories of law and justice necessitate the imagination of radically different futures. From critical race theory, to feminism, to vulnerability theory, all normative and socio-legal theories are based on the possibility of a better future. Even liberalism justifies contemporary inequalities through its consideration of a future temporality in an imagined past.

This volume develops the dialogue and the emerging community of scholars that is contributing to the 'Jurisprudence of Future' symposium that is forthcoming in Vol 4(2) of Law, Technology and Humans.

The papers in this volume shall explore the key themes of emerging scholarship on science fiction and the legal imaginary, defining the field. At the same time, they shall seek out the science fictive underpinnings of all jurisprudential theory. Finally, they shall boldly go towards a future in which scholars interested in discrete areas of law, justice, and science fiction are engaging in a common enterprise.

Potential topics for chapters include:

  • Law and jurisprudence as science fiction
  • Science fiction as legal commentary
  • Law and legality in the apocalypse
  • Law within utopia and dystopia
  • The future of personhood and identity in law, philosophy, and fiction
  • Artificial intelligence and law
  • Emerging and imagined conceptions of political community
  • International law in outer space
  • The imagining of digital legality in the meta

The volume is anticipated to be part of the TechNomos series published by Routledge

Potential contributors should send a 300-word abstract and a brief biography to the editors by 19 August 2022 to

Potential contributors are invited to discuss their proposed chapter with the editors.

The editors will advise contributors of inclusion in the proposed volume by 6 September 2022

Draft chapters for blind peer review will be expected by 20 February 2023

Final chapter will be expected by 19 June 2023

Expected publication date will be late 2023

Call for Chapter Proposals (PDF)

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ISSN 2652-4074