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A new issue of Law, Technology and Humans has been published


A new issue of Law, Technology and Humans has been published.

Law, Technology and Humans is an international, open access, peer-reviewed journal publishing original, innovative research concerned with the human and humanity of law and technology. 

The new issue is in two parts. The first is a collection of papers from a symposium: What is Real about Law and Technology? This symposium was inspired by Bruno Latour’s and Giorgio Agamben’s 2018 books in response to the election of Donald Trump as US President in 2016. The articles in this part of the issue are indeed timely.

The second part of this issue is a selection of articles from the 2019 Graphic Justice Research Alliance Conference and examine the way in which comics and graphic art present narratives of law and justice.

The issue is also complimented with the inclusion of a review of Emily Setty’s recent book Risk and Harm in Youth Sexting Culture: Young People’s Perspectives.

Submissions are now being accepted for Volume 3, Issue 1 to be published in May 2021

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