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Deus Ex Machina


Deus Ex Machina – Law-Technology-Humanities | December 11-14, 2023 Queensland University of Technology, Gardens Point Campus, Brisbane Australia

The Human Technology Law Centre will host the 2023 meeting of the Law, Literature And Humanities Association Of Australasia.

All details: Deus Ex Machina – Law – Technology – Humanities - Humans Technology Law Centre (

This meeting is a multidisciplinary coming together to build, dream and work towards better law and technology futures through the creativity, wisdom and critiques of the humanities.

About the Law, Literature and Humanities Association of Australasia

The Law, Literature and Humanities Association of Australasia (LLHAA) explores the intersection between law and culture in all its forms. LLHAA is a welcoming, engaged and ever-evolving community of scholars encountering questions of law and jurisprudence through interdisciplinary research. Find out more.

About the Human Technology Law Centre

Technology is changing human lives, relationships, and the planet. Law has a fundamental role in addressing and managing these changes. Technology is also changing forms of law. The Humans Technology Law Centre (HTLC), QUT School of Law, responds to this challenge to inspire and build better technological futures. Find out more.


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